Hog Day Parade Entry

Dear Parade Participant:

It’s time to think about the Hog Festival Parade in Kewanee Labor Day Weekend.  This year’s parade will take place Saturday, September 3rd at 2:00 p.m. Rain or Shine.

The Hog Day 2022 theme is “NEVER Can Say Goodbye!”  We would like to have you to keep this in mind as you put your entry together.

It’s free and easy to enter, and we only ask a few small but enforced rules.

1. Please do not throw candy or other materials from moving vehicles, items must be handed out.

2. No stopping along the parade route. Nobody likes gaps in the parade.

3. Political entries will be limited to 1 party vehicle and 1 vehicle per candidate and will be placed together.

4. All entries must follow the general theme of the parade; please decorate all entries in some way to promote the theme. Fleet vehicles only will not be allowed

5. Parade officials have the authority to remove entries from the parade line up at any time for behavior unbecoming of a parade entry or for not following parade rules.


Soliciting or selling items from parade entries is not allowed. You are welcome to pass out information and give items away like candy, water, freeze pops but no items should be sold from parade participants. Vendors need to obtain a permit from the Hog Festival committee prior to the parade. Soliciting of funds from parade watchers by parade participants is prohibited.

Please complete the following entry form as soon as possible. We will contact you as to your parade number and line up procedures as we get close to parade day.  Deadline for parade entries will be close of business Monday, August 22nd.  Entries received after this date will not be guaranteed an official entry number.  The parade is limited to 125 entries or the number of entries received before the deadline.  It is best to reserve a spot early and fill the details in closer to parade day.

Thank You

69th Hog Capital of World Festival
Parade Entry Form
September 3rd 2022     2:00 p.m.

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Entry Form


IMPORTANT: Deadline for parade entries will be noon, Monday, August 22nd. Entries received after this date will not be guaranteed an official entry number. NO EXCEPTIONS!!